DV1 DeVILBISS pistolet lakierniczy - malarski ręczny niskociśnieniowy

Pistolet lakierniczy - malarski ręczny niskociśnieniowy DeVILBISS
The word genius is overused. Thrown around carelessly. Used to describe any achievement most would consider just, great. Genius isn’t something that happens overnight. Far from it. We’ve been investing in the science of atomisation since 1888, and in that time we’ve made some major advancements. Gigantic, in fact. And now our persistence, experience, dedication and talent has helped us create a real game changer. A spray gun with superior performance and efciency – a real stroke of genius.
stroke of genius
We’ve completely re-engineered the fluid tip design for the DV1 using our unique Laminar Flow ArchitectureTM. The new range of fluid tips have been engineered to provide the smoothest path for fluid to travel resulting in faster application rates, more stable flow rates and consistent performance, particularly with the latest, very low viscosity materials.The DeVilbiss engineers have stabilised the primary atomisation zone within the fluid tips and Laminar Flow ArchitectureTM technology signifcantly reduces the turbulent energy that can be found within the tips. What does this mean to you? Improved efciency, a reduction in material consumption and even more control over application regardless of paint brand and climatic conditions.
The ft and feel of DeVilbiss spray guns are legendary. The DV1 employs the latest generation ergonomics and lightweight materials for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue - you don’t have to work hard to work smart. Every part of the DV1 has been designed and engineered for maximum performance, comfort and usability and cleaning couldn’t be easier with DV1’s smooth, easy to clean lines.
Where everyone else sees colour, what do we see? We see character. Artists who flow without fear. Poets, who paint a thousand words. Magicians, who with every wave, create magic. So, don’t hide behind your masks. Seek your glory. Stand up and spray it out loud. Find your own flow. For you are the controllers of chaos. The masters of matching tones. Keep pushing for perfection. Be bright. Be bold. Let your talent shine through. Because a beautiful finish, shows true depth.
atomisation, the air cap, DV1 DeVilbiss

Precision engineered in solid brass, even the air cap has undergone a technical revolution. Precision drilling and advanced Air Management KineticsTM have taken atomisation performance to a new level, whilst signifcantly reducing noise. The cap also features a fast action thread ensuring rapid removal and replacement.

Professional automotive refnishers know that the key to performance in any spray gun is what’s known as “the front end”. The fluid tip and needle and of course, the all important air cap. With the DV1 we’ve achieved world-beating atomisation with high application speeds, at lower air pressures. We’ve learnt how to control the chaotic event that occurs every time the trigger is pulled. The result is superior atomisation performance, by maintaining a consistent particle size throughout the spray pattern, ensuring accurate colour reproduction and flake lay, even with the notoriously difcult, highly pigmented silver basecoats. This means you get the job right frst time, every time - reducing material consumption and maximising your earnings potential.
Improving the gun’s ergonomics ensures the DV1 feels natural, like an extension of your arm, making it easier to move around with. To go with your own flow. After all, it’s the car that should be glistening, not your forehead. Clever design makes the DV1 simple to use, but also easier to clean. That’s because it was designed by the people who know best. Spray gun engineers. We’ve been there, done it. We know what’s important in a gun.
Take for example, the air control valve. For the frst time ever, we’ve combined it with the air inlet. This gives you a more consistent air flow, but it also makes the gun lighter and easier to clean, as there’s one less part. The components are quick to remove and low maintenance, which results in time savings. Critical in business. And what’s more, they’re tough. Everything’s made to last. Even down to the PTFE coated springs. So, there’s no need to keep changing parts. You can focus on the job in hand.
Less noise for your comfort, especially for the longer project.
Consistently achieves a narrow colour window for the closest colour matching.
New advanced fluid tip design reduces turbulence, minimising mottling/clouding.
A new combined air inlet and air control valve with 12 x higher precision sensitivity for smoother air control.
Reduced air pressure resulting in improved spray pattern control, atomisation consistency and improved transfer efciency.
The DV1 air caps, with advanced internal geometry, result in a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern for a perfect fnish.
DV1 DeVILBISS pistolet lakierniczy - malarski
DV1-B+ ‘HVLP Plus’ Air Cap
Air Inlet Pressure 2.00 Bar inlet (29psi)
Air Consumption 300 L/min (10.6cfm)
Spray Pattern Length 325mm @ 200mm target
Fluid Flow 140-190 g/min
DV1-B HVLP Air Cap
Air Inlet Pressure 2.00 Bar inlet (29psi)
Air Consumption (2 bar) 395 L/min (13.9cfm)
Spray Pattern Length 330mm @ 200mm target
Fluid Flow 130-180 g/min
Air Inlet Thread ¼” Universal
Cup Capacity 560 mls
Weight (gun only) 470 gms
Air Cap Plated brass
Air Cap Retaining Ring Black Anodised Aluminium
Fluid Tip Stainless steel
Fluid Needle Stainless steel
The DV1 is available with a choice of two advanced air caps - The DV1-B and DV1-B+. These new HVLP and HVLP ‘Plus’ air caps represent the next generation of atomisation performance. For typical HVLP applications the DV1-B is the perfect choice, delivering atomisation like no other DeVilbiss air cap. For high efciency air cap performance at low pressure the DV1-B+ delivers performance equivalent to today’s ‘High Efciency’ air caps. With the introduction of DeVilbiss Air Management Kinetics™ the smooth laminar path the air travels in allows you to spray at lower air pressures providing higher transfer efciencies, reducing material consumption and with no loss in performance.
Three fluid tips, available in 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, complete the picture giving you total control in all climatic conditions. With the addition of DeVilbiss Laminar Flow Technology™ all three fluid tips give you a more stable fluid flow allowing for better colour reproduction. Combine this with the new high performance air caps – air turbulence is reduced giving a more even atomisation through the fan pattern, which in turn allows for better control, reducing the mottling/clouding efect.
If the DV1 looks different, that’s because it is. Very different, in fact. Everything about the gun indicates that it’s not just a progression – it’s a revolution. Everything is new. New ergonomics. New air cap design. New fluid tip technology. Advanced co-axial air valve design. And not forgetting the advanced atomisation technology that sets a new precedent in performance and control. No other DeVilbiss gun is built like it. Redesigned from the ground up. Precision engineered. The technicians in our Atomisation Centre of Excellence (who we call the ACE Team), threw out the rule book on this one. This is the spray gun for the professional refnisher who demands maximum speed, ultimate fnish quality, pinpoint colour accuracy and the lowest possible energy and material consumption. It’s time to let your talent shine. To show your true colours.
Simon Davies
Global Atomisation Manager

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