FLG 4 Devilbiss spray gun

FLG-4 ręczny pistolet DeVilbiss
finishline The Professional’s Choice
Gravity, Pressure and Siphon Spray Guns featuring DeKUPS Disposable Cup System
When your project requires a fine factory finish, you immediately think of DeVilbiss and its reputation for quality. The value priced FinishLine gun series works with a wide variety of materials to form well atomized, uniform spray patterns. Its stainless steel needle and fluid nozzles and brass air caps guarantee that your FinishLine gun will maintain its performance job after job...
flg - 4
• Fan control adjusts spray pattern from 10” to round
• Waterborne compatible parts
• Forged Aluminum, anodized body for maximum durability
• Precision machined air caps and fluid nozzles provide a high quality finish
• Conventional or HVLP models
• Gravity & Siphon models feature DeKups disposable cup systems
• Ergonomic handle reduces stress
• Storage case keeps all your equipment neat and ready to use
• Fluid control knob allows for fluid adjustment
• Additional fluid nozzle sizes are sold separately (1.3mm, 1.5mm, 2.2mm)
• HVLP guns deliver a high volume of air at 10 psi or less. This results in a softer spray pattern and a higher transfer efficiency. You save time and money as more paint goes onto the part and less is lost to overspray and bounceback.
• Conventional air spray guns provide a high quality finish while delivering an airstream of 30-50 psi. This higher psi rate is beneficial for heavier (higher viscosity) materials.
FLG 4 Reduces material waste GRAVITY FEED FLG 4 Fluid weight below the gun SIPHON FEED
devilbiss flg 4 flg-4
Each Gravity Kit Contains: Protective Carrying Case
1 FinishLine Spray Gun, 1 DeKups® Adaptor, 1 DeKups®,Reusable Cup,4 DeKups® Liners,1 Measuring Guide
1 Orange Plug
Each Siphon Kit Contains:Protective Carrying Case
1 FinishLine Spray Gun, 1 DeKups® Adaptor
1 DeKups® Reusable Cup, 4 DeKups® Liners
1 Measuring Guide, 1 Orange Plug
fibishline-by-dvilbiss Flexible enough to use on small jobs or in high production
Perfect for Craftsmen, Contractors or Certified painters flg - 4
FLG 4For high quantities of paint and larger jobs PRESSURE FEED MGQ PRESSURE CUP A quality finish at a budget price
flg-4 flg - 4
Each Pressure Kit Contains: Protective Carrying Case, 1 FinishLine Spray Gun, 1 Spray Gun Cleaning Kit Each Spray Gun Comes With:
Internal mix air cap for spatter ,External mix air cap for smooth “factory” finishes ,Metal one quart pressurized cup ,Fluid control knob
  HEAVY - over 30 secs. #2 Zahn Cup MEDIUM - 19-30 secs. #2 Zahn Cup
LIGHT - 14-20 secs. #2 Zahn Cup
Latex Enamels Polyurethane Contact Adhesive Epoxies Varnishes Thinned Latex Topcoat Lacquer Sealers Wash Primers Stain Nitro Lacquer
Siphon Feed HVLP
Order # FLG-HVS-322
Tip Included: 2.2mm
Recommended: 13 CFM / 23 PSI

Siphon Feed Conventional
Order # FLG-CNS-115
Tip Included: 1.5mm
Recommended: 9.9 CFM / 40 PSI
Pressure Feed HVLP
Order # FLG-HVP-315
Tip Included: 1.5mm
Recommended: 13 CFM / 23 PSI
Gravity Feed HVLP
Order # FLG-HVG-315
Tip Included: 1.5mm
Recommended: 13 CFM / 23 PSI
Gravity Feed Conventional
Order # FLG-CNG-115
Tip Included: 1.5mm
Recommended: 9.9 CFM / 40 PSI

MGQ Pressure Feed
Order # FLG-MGQ-700-FL
Internal & External Mix Air Cap
Tip Included: 1.4mm
Recommended: 2.6 CFM / 30 PSI
NOTE: Chart recommendations were achieved with 10-13 CFM of air between 15 and 40 PSI. Results may vary depending upon size of compressor and air hose used. DeVilbiss recommends 3/8” hose and fittings for best results when spraying with HVLP guns. For best results, a 3 HP or larger compressor is recommended. Smaller compressors will have reduced performance in the form of coarser atomization and smaller patterns.

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